Technical Support Engineer

Atlanta, Georgia, United States


We are looking for a candidate who is technically proficient in SaaS integration architecture and APIs to join our team as a Customer Support Team. As a customer centric organization our goal is to deliver a world-class customer experience at each stage of the customer journey to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. Because we view the Evident product offering as an API, the Technical support engineer role is an essential role to ensure our customers’ questions are quickly answered and problems resolved.

To be qualified for this role, you should hold a degree in a relevant field, like Computer Science, or Software Engineering. If you’re naturally a helper, enjoy assisting people with complex technical issues and are able to explain sopshitcated technical details simply and clearly, we’d like to meet you.

Ultimately, you will be a person our customers trust. They will rely on you to provide timely and accurate solutions to their technical problems.



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